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Fresh Air Screens is the brand most trusted for screening solutions. Fresh Air Screens are flexible, versatile and durable for residential and commercial use. Using the right materials is vital to providing such a dependable product. While there are other companies that offer similar products, Fresh Air Screens knows what works best and what doesn’t. One of the features of an authentic Fresh Air Screen is the zipper arrangement.

Heavy-Duty Zippers

Fresh Air Screens utilizes heavy-duty zippers to create models to work for every home, business, and structure that needs a barrier against bugs and other elements naturally found outside. These zippers create an entryway directly through most of the models and are also used to create the roll-up feature that makes Fresh Air Screens perfect for garages.

The zippers used in Fresh Air Screens are heavy-duty to withstand most inclement weather changes and will also withstand frequent use. They feature double zipper pulls, so you can easily operate them from the inside or outside. Zippers are covered under our manufacturer’s warranty, and they can be more easily repaired or replaced in the event the warranty is no longer valid.

Zippers vs. Magnets

Some companies that manufacture similar products often feature magnetic binding for screen enclosures. This appears to be a convenient solution, but when Fresh Air Screens put it to the test during development, magnets fell short against zippers for a few reasons.



Zippers allow the screen to fully enclose the structure and still accommodate entry without leaving gaps. In comparisons between Fresh Air Screens and brands that use magnetic enclosures, magnets were found to cover less than 10-20% of the panel, leaving wide gaps between.

In general appearance, panels appeared to overlap, but the gaps were exposed simply by slipping in a hand or finger. This indicates that bugs and small creatures can easily slip through without deterrence.



Zipper arrangements define the variations (models) for Fresh Air Screens, making them the most versatile screen for all your enclosure needs. Zippers located on the ends of the screen create the roll-up features of retractable screen, giving you effective and convenient garage screens seen in Model C and Model D. The center zipper of the model B variation allows direct entry through the screen for extended living spaces. Model A is unique in all the Fresh Air Screens by omitting the heavy-duty zipper entirely. This variation creates a beautiful patio screen for areas that don’t require an entry.

Magnets do not sufficiently divide screen panels, limiting the types of models available. This can be especially important when addressing garage conversion projects or when applying screens for industrial or commercial use.

Safety Concerns

Zippers do not interfere with medical devices and are easy to use for people of most abilities. Use the same caution with Fresh Air Screens heavy-duty zippers as you would any other zipper system. Zippers have small parts that may come detached if broken or defective. If damaged or worn, simply repair or replace the system and remove any small or broken pieces.

Magnets can pose a special health risk, particularly for people with health devises and monitors. If the event arises that a person's health changes or magnets become a greater risk for someone, removing and replacing the magnets or replacing the screen can become an additional expense or burden.


What Customers Really Want to Know

  1. How long do zippers last?
  2. Zippers are covered under our 14-day manufacturer’s warranty. Under normal use, the heavy-duty zippers can last for years. Accidents happen sometimes, and mishandling can damage zippers. It’s usually not difficult to repair or replace zipper units, so if you need to discuss zipper problems, simply email your questions to A representative can discuss zipper issues and help you find the best corrective solution!
  3. How do zippers work with a Rope and Pull kit?
  4. Zippers work the same way with or without a rope and pull kit accessory. Simply unzip the screen when you want to roll the screen up, then use the ropes to utilize the pulley system.
  5. Do the screens zip from the inside or outside the garage?
  6. Both! Fresh Air Screens features double zipper pulls on all zippered screens, so you can operate your Fresh Air Screen from whatever point of view you choose.


Tips from Experts

Zippers are used in everyday products because they are user-friendly and easy to fix if necessary. Here are tips for the heavy-duty zippers on your Fresh Air Screen!


Thoughts on Everyday Use

There are many parts to a zipper system, but the parts you will probably interact with most are the following:

  • Pull and Slider. Our zippers feature a double pull, allowing you to use the zipper from inside and outside of the garage.
  • Teeth. The teeth create the zipper track and allow the zipper to open and close.
  • Tape. This is the fabric our production team uses to stitch the zipper to the screen. Our production team has years of sewing experience, so every stitch is dependable!

All materials are selected carefully to meet high standards for outdoor use. This includes heavy-duty metal zippers and zipper tracks! Notice the overlapping nylon material overlapping the zipper at the top? This ensures a full enclosure, even around the zipper stops!


Thoughts on Quick Fixes

Even zippers have bad days, and after long periods of daily use, you might find your Fresh Air Screen zipper is having some issues. No worries! Most zipper problems are easy to fix, and we can help!

  • Is your zipper not zipping? Nothing is more frustrating than sliding the zipper pull and finding out that nothing happened. This could simply be a slider issue that can be solved with a plier. Narrow both side gaps, then the vertical (up and down) gap to tighten it. Adjustments should be very slight, as it may not take much to restore it to full use. Check the slider, then adjust it again if necessary.
  • Is your zipper stuck? Usually, this is not a difficult problem to solve as it is usually stuck on a thread or hair. The solution is as simple as finding the blockage and removing it. If you do not see a blockage, check the teeth alignment. Fixing an alignment issue in the teeth might be a bit more complicated, so check with a representative to see what options fit your scenario best!
  • Is the pull tab broken? It’s not too common for a pull tab to break on the heavy-duty zippers used on Fresh Air Screens, but anything is possible! Simply insert a metal ring, thin wire or even a paperclip into the slider to replace the pull.

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