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Unlike other articles with “secrets”, this one really is a freebie, and we are so sure you need to hear it that we are putting it in the first paragraph. Ready. . .
The luxury of a resort, retreat, and even a day spa is as much about what is left out of the experience as what is included.
It makes sense, after all, the words “resort” and “retreat” imply a state of leaving something. People desire to leave things behind as much as they desire to experience something new. If you own or manage a luxury or self-care business, you are probably nodding your head, or even scoffing at this being labeled a secret. If a resort or retreat setting is part of your daily routine, this might be common knowledge.
So, what does this have to do with commercial screens?

Fresh Air Screens in a Resort, Retreat, or Spa Setting

There are a lot of areas within your properties that blend guest activities with the outdoors. But with the outdoors comes natural elements that may cause a disruption in guest activities or even cause stress. Adding commercial screens can help you leave behind messes, interruptions, and disruptions of natural elements. Let’s go through some common resort areas and talk about how commercial screens can enhance your guest’s experience.
Dining Areas
In an earlier article, Dining Al Fresco, it was mentioned that eating outdoors is sometimes associated with traveling. This is partly due to resorts offering catering services in outdoor areas. It flows with the whole resort mood and is a great service for guests. Adding a commercial screen to these areas can prevent bugs from getting into dinner plates and cups and help control lighting.
Pool and Hot Tub Areas
The highlight of most guest experiences is having access to a pool. There’s a bonus if a hot tub is available as well! Of course, there are downtimes when people are near the pool, but not in the pool. Having a screen to separate these areas help keep this area tidy and even in some ways more peaceful. Guests can lay in lawn chairs and recliners without worrying about a stray pool toy.
Spa Areas
Some resort locations offer additional spa activities for guests. These activities, such as group yoga, chair massage, or other similar activities not only make guests feel luxurious, they also promote self-care. This element adds to the value of retreats and resort locations. It is time for guests to refresh and rejuvenate themselves before returning to their homes and routine. Use commercial screens to help dedicate these locations and give some protection from natural elements that may otherwise disturb the focus and flow of activity.
Some resorts feature carports either close to the office or in conjunction with condos. Adding a commercial screen to the carports can add additional protection to the car without investing in a lot of construction or structural change. This simple barrier prevents bugs, birds, and leaves from landing on vehicles. This feature is especially valuable to guests who rent a car and have additional concerns about the care of the vehicle.
Luxury Is About Ease
Luxury is also about ease, so we thought your solution should be the same. Fresh Air Screens have a variety of models that can be effective in every area discussed. Commercial screens help control natural sunlight and temperature. They are effective barriers against pests and debris. They also provide a sense of privacy without complete isolation that could be caused by walls and fences.
Upgrade your guest experiences and activities by adding a simple screen that won’t interfere with their itineraries. Installation is quick and easy, so it can be done around resort events. The overall design of the screens is subtle and understated, so they easily blend in with the surrounding décor. Keep all the attention on the guest experience!

Ordering a Commercial Fresh Air Screen

Ordering a commercial Fresh Air Screen only takes a few moments and can start simply by designing your screen using the form below. We’ll use the information to make a custom package for your company to order when you’re ready. 
Resorts can use commercial screens in a variety of areas, so each model can be of significant value. Some models are retractable (roll-up) and others are non-retractable (stationary). Carports would benefit the most from retractable screens, as they allow vehicle traffic through with ease, while pool areas may use mostly non-retractable screens.
The Classic Fresh Air Screen
The Model C screen is the most popular choice for resorts, retreats, and spa locations. They are retractable, featuring a zipper on each side of the screen. The screen panel is seamless for an uninterrupted view. They can be used in all the locations interchangeably and guests can pass through without requiring additional assistance.
When ordered standard, the Model C features buckles and straps at the top of the screen to help hold it in place. These screens can also be easily upgraded to include a rope and pull kit which would add additional convenience, especially if being used in a carport or similar structure.

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