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Turn Your Garage into a Dance Studio

Dancing is the language of the soul. It is the presentation of cultural heritage. It is the art of human emotion. It is the expression of music for the body.

For me personally, it doesn’t look nearly as poetic as that sounds. It’s awkward twists with a broomstick in the kitchen, or painfully failed attempts at online choreography tutorials in the living room in my yoga pants and t-shirt. However, with dance videos and choreography becoming more readily available, I’ve taken up a more committed interest, and in doing so have found some amazing ideas to try. One idea to try is the at-home dance studio. We have some tips on making one in your own garage.  

Get in the Groove

For this project, we don’t just want to focus on professional dancers – we want to inspire the committed dancers. There is something special about committed dancers who dance for the sheer joy of it. This may include professional dancers, but it also includes people who devote a portion of their time to dancing regardless of their level of skill. These might be people who dance for their personal interests, health, or other benefits.

Anyone can be a committed dancer, and any committed dancer can benefit from having a home dance studio in their garage. Devoting an area to this activity not only offers extra space but will also help reinforce your commitment to dance and keep you motivated. Try using these tips to create an amazing dance studio inside your garage.
The first thing that separates the home dance studio from the living room is the space. Of course, you want additional space, but the garage is large, and you are probably used to using it for storage. Clear it out, or section it off so unrelated items are out of sight. If your garage has a loft, try using that for storage and use the rest for your studio. The purpose of this step is to create a dedicated space for your studio rather than just a larger space.
Your garage more than likely has a cement floor. This is okay for some committed dancers who are not fully invested dancers. For others who are more deeply invested in dance, there are flooring boards and mats that can be placed over the cement foundation. In any case, make sure the floor is free from debris and oil spills. Since a lot of the focus in dance is on footwork, you want to pay special attention to your floor to keep it safe and ready to practice.
Try placing large mirrors around the walls to help you see your progress and evaluate steps that may need additional work. Regarding mirrors, these are not essential for every home studio, especially for people who may be self-conscious. They can be very helpful however because it can help you see how far you have come. Progress is a great self-esteem booster, so don’t be afraid to use these mirrors to your advantage.
What would your dance studio be without music? For this step, you will need to make sure you have safe outlets to plug in your device. You can be as simple or complex as you want for this step. Simply use a CD player or streaming device for the music of your choice. Add speakers if you want, as you can use wall space and counter space if you need it.

TVs deserve a special note on the subject. They can be very distracting and completely derail you from your commitment to dance, but on the other hand, they can be a very useful tool for people who cannot go to a dance class or find a dance instructor. While they can’t provide feedback, they can connect you with good tutorials, or free choreography videos. If you opt to include a tv in your garage, make sure it stays focused on your goals by streaming or watching related content only. This will help keep the room dedicated to dance and keep you motivated to keep moving.
Some dances use bars to support movements or exercises. Ballet is a dance that commonly uses bars and is becoming more popular to do at home due to some recent YouTube videos and other programs available to purchase online. Bars can be installed along a wall in the garage easily. If bars do not make up a large portion of your dance routine, but you still include bar work occasionally, you may want to start with a stool that has a back to it.
You may collect items for your dance routine along the way. Some routines make use of bands, balls, props, or other items. Keep a shelf where you can keep these things readily available and organized. A well-placed shelf should be out of your way, but still convenient. Keep it from getting cluttered with non-dance related things. A focused area is key for promoting self-confidence and motivation.

Adding the Finishing Touch

Dancing is hard work. You want the environment to be comfortable, not too hot or too cold. Consider adding a heating and cooling element to your garage for a comfortable dance studio. You want the area to be properly ventilated, and we have a dependable solution for it. Simply adding a Fresh Air Screen to your garage can allow fresh air in so you can breathe in clean air while you practice.
Both retractable and non-retractable screens would work well for a dance studio. The requirements of the retraction feature will depend on how you design your dance studio and how the screen would enhance that design. So, for now, let’s address the design of the screen from the point of view.

Seamless styles
For dance studios, try using a Fresh Air screen with a seamless view. These screens are available in both a non-retractable and retractable model. These screens are great because they help maintain some privacy inside the garage while allowing you a view of the outside. They are easy to install and use, so they won’t interfere with your routine.
Alternatives – Center Zipper for Direct Access  
Model B (stationary) and Model D are similar because both feature a center zipper. This is great for direct access through the screen without removing the entire screen. The model D features three zippers (the center zipper, plus a zipper on each side). This allows you to roll up the entire screen or half the screen at the same time.

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