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Do your home improvements make good DIY projects? When it comes to home design or décor, new features might require a lot of hardware, complicated installation steps, or expensive remodeling procedures. Adding your personal touch to your home does not have to require large investments, professional services, or altering the structure of the home – especially when you simply want to screen in your porch or garage.

A lot of people think adding large opening screens to a home will be a difficult project or they may require professional installation services to work. We get asked this question fairly often from potential buyers: “Can I add a garage, porch, or patio screen myself?” The answer is a resounding YES! Fresh Air Screens were designed to provide you with the perfect DIY project that can completely change the dynamics of your home without breaking into your wallet or your support beams. Some things to keep in mind when you are screening in your home are function, design, and installation.


Fresh Air Screens are flexible and versatile. This means that large-framed openings can be screened in using a Fresh Air Screen whether it is your garage, porch or patio. Other projects our screens have been used on are gazebos, horse barns, warehouses, home gyms and more. You aren’t limited because of the location. Conveniently, Fresh Air Screens come in four different models to meet your function’s needs. Whether you need to just want to keep a screen up on your patio to keep out the bugs, or you need to allow a car into your garage, our screens can cover it.

What kind of screen works best?

The type (or model) of screen you want really depends on how and where you want to use it. We have two non-retractable models that are perfect for areas that don’t require vehicle entry, and we have two roll-up (retractable) models that will allow vehicle entry. Here are some additional details about the different models.

  • Model A – this is a non-retractable screen that does not have a zipper. It is perfect for places you want to view, but don’t need access through the screen. Of course, it can fit on your garage, but you might enjoy it more on a porch or patio.
model a garage door screen
  • Model B – this is a non-retractable screen that features a center zipper. It allows people to walk through it, so it makes workshops and gathering rooms convenient.
model b garage door screen
  • Model C – this roll-up (retractable) screen allows vehicle entry, making it the ideal garage door screen. This classic screen features a buckle and strap system to keep it in place, or you can upgrade it to feature a rope and pull kit.

model c garage door screen

  • Model D – This roll-up (retractable) screen also allows vehicle entry. This screen was designed with double garages in mind specifically, though it will work for any scenario. The three zipper system allows you to raise the entire screen or either half of the screen independently. This deluxe screen features a buckle and strap system to keep it in place, or you can upgrade it to feature a rope and pull kit.
model d garage door screen


DIY projects are fun because there is a personal creativeness to the project. You may be wondering how this relates to our Fresh Air Screens. I’m glad you asked! Although the models vary, the overall design of Fresh Air Screens is consistent. They are designed to blend in with most home designs and décor. The flexible material is charcoal black, blending in seamlessly with the rest of the house. The design is versatile, so the screen that can work for the garage can also be used for the porch and vice-versa. Just make sure to get the right fit.

What about the adhesive loop strip?

If you take your screen down to store for a day or season, you can leave the adhesive loop strip up. This strip has the option of coming in black or white so that when it is exposed, it can still blend into the garage frame without sticking out like a sore thumb. The hook side of the system will always be black because it is sewn into your screen, and will cover the adhesive loop from view.

Installing Your Fresh Air Screen

can i add a garage, porch or patio screen myself?

Yes, you can! Fresh Air Screens is a screen kit solution for a perfect DIY project. Installation can be done in less than an hour following step-by-step instructions. In a nutshell, the instructions will guide you on how to apply the adhesive loop strip to the garage, then to secure the screen to the adhesive loop strip. Our support center has more details on how this system works! As always, our customer service team is ready to answer any questions you might have. Have fun with your project, and feel free to share your results with us!

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